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Junior Classes

Reid's Family Martial Arts offers Kenpo Karate classes for ages 5 and up. The Junior Black Belt Kenpo Karate program is for ages 5 and older.

Our Junior program teaches students not only the values of the martial arts but also the values of life.  
From improved focus, goal setting, to self discipline and self respect, kids emerge from this program changed for the better. And their parents couldn't be happier.

     Martial Arts training for kids provides many benefits beyond that offered by other sports.  An introverted student that once kept to themselves begins to blossom when he/she learns karate.The structured classes and drills that involve punching, kicking, and yelling helps the student overcome shyness and timidity.The anxious or worried child becomes more confident.  Often times Parents report an increase their child's social interaction with others.
    The extroverted child has a safe, healthy outlet in which to compete with himself and others.  Students are taught to avoid trouble and challenges.  They lean enough self-confidence that they need not to respond to teasing or provocation from peers.
    The Aggressive child is taught the self-discipline that aids in keeping anger under control.  He/she learns that fighting is merely a way of showing off and that showing off is a sign of low self-esteem and a lack of confidence.
    Karate training is a gross motor activity that helps children develop a sense of integrity about their bodies.  Balance, coordination, posture and general movements improve with karate training.  The preadolescent ,in particular, finds that karate training helps him/her cope with clumsiness that often accompanies the spurt of growth at this age.

   Karate also offers an additional bonus that other sports do not provide.  Karate teaches self-defense.  In the unsettling times in which we live, a knowledge of how to protect themselves can be crucial.  Parents often report felling more secure knowing their sons or daughters are capable of defending themselves.
Encourage and support your children's involvement.  You will be pleasantly surprised with the results.  And who knows, you may want to try a class yourself!

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