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Modern Arnis

Modern Arnis

Master Daren Reid is a Modern Arnis Black Belt trained and personally endorsed by the late Grandmaster Remy Amador Presas.  Daren has been training under Grandmaster Presas from a very young age.  When Grandmaster first came to the United States as an embassador from the Philippines he began training  Grandmaster Larry Reid and later Daren. 
Grandmaster Preses is the founder of Modern Arnis and is one of the most sought after filipino martial artists in  the world. 


Daren Reid offers Modern Arnis Seminars every quarter, this is a great way to lean Modern Arnis as well as earn rank in the style.  All seminars include 4 hours of training and include a Certificate of completion. You may also earn a Modern Arnis Instructor certification through these classes. 

All seminars are open to the public, no experience is necessary!

Private Lessons 
If you are interested in private Modern Arnis training,  Mr. Reid offers Private lessons for students at the beginner level to the  advanced.  Contact us for more information and availability.


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